0 Gauge Guild Reports

Most members of the 0 Gauge group are members of the 0 Gauge Guild (though, of course, it is not compulsory!) We try to submit reports each quarter of what we are doing so that wider 0 Gauge community is aware that the Farnham club is active in this scale and to notify them of future events.

We think that readers of our club site might also be interested, so we will post the most four recent ones here, too. We hope it will give you an idea our range of activities.


September 2016

It is funny how deadlines sharpen the mind and get things done. The last few weeks have bought a huge increase in activity as we strive to get ‘Haydon Square’, our new club layout, ready for its first show in early October and its second show in late October. At the time of writing buildings are flocking in like homing pigeons to their appointed roosts, including a very nice pub built (as a first attempt) by our newest member, Ian Welch. The ground cover has been completed, though in some places, the treatment is only temporary, and the arches along the front of the layout are gradually closing ranks to present a unified front. It was both a relief and a feeling of achievement when we found that the operating sequence really did work and that it felt both operators and viewers would find it interesting. Now we need to find out how it all stands up to the rigours of a two-day exhibition.

As a spin off from ‘Haydon Square’ one of the team, Ian George, swept the board in the club modelling competition with a model of a wagon lift which sits on the layout. Not only did it win the scenic category, but also the overall best model prize. It was a real pleasure that the club members recognised something other than a locomotive for this honour.

The club, which also has active, N, 00 and P4 sections, organises outings from time to time to places of railway or model railway interest. These have included Shildon and Hamburg in the past, but this year, while still overseas, it was closer to home: the Isle of Wight Steam Railway. A club associate member lives on the Island and arranged an extended visit for us to see behind the scenes, including some of the work which goes on to restore and maintain the outstanding historic carriage fleet.

Five of us also met up in Telford for the 60th Anniversary show which provided a good day out. Some layouts were admired and shopping lists were fulfilled – there seems to be a predilection for 9Fs at the moment. I hope they will go around the test track curves! Next year we will be back with ‘Weydon Road’ for one of its last shows.

As always, please come along and see what we do, any Wednesday afternoon/evening at our club rooms, Wrecclesham Community Centre, Greenfield Road, Farnham GU9 8TJ. There is also a club Open Day here on Sunday 20th November from 10am till 4pm. Our O gauge test track will be up and welcoming visitors.

So another deadline met for submitting to Guild News, but is my mind any sharper? Answers on a postcard please…


June 2016

It seems like the last edition of O Gauge News arrived in time for people to come to our Open Day on the May Day Bank Holiday Monday, We had 59 people through the door including many of our O Gauge colleagues from other local clubs – we even had a gentleman from Adelaide, Australia over here on holiday. Lots of visiting locos and stock ran on the test track, including French outline steam. Every bacon roll (60 off) was sold and all 5 cakes disappeared. We hope our visitors enjoyed attending as much as we enjoyed having them join us.

At the Open Day our new layout ‘Haydon Square E.1’ was working (more or less) and looks promising operationally. During the operating session we finally decided that we will use Sprat & Winkle Mk.1 couplers rather than type with delayed action uncoupling which means adding some more uncoupling magnets. Happily, this is easier before ballasting rather than after; procrastination wins again. Current activity centres on the arches along the front of the layout and the cassette system behind. We hope (but don’t promise) to have the layout ready for our club exhibition on Saturday 8th October (10am to 5pm) and Sunday 9th October (10am to 4.30pm) at Connaught Leisure Centre, Tongham Road, Aldershot, Hampshire GU12 4AS.

We took ‘Weydon Road’ to the Railex exhibition at Stoke Mandeville at the end of May and had a very enjoyable time. The show is very well run with a good mix of excellent layouts and traders.

As always, please come along and see what we do, any Wednesday afternoon/evening at our club rooms, Wrecclesham Community Centre, Greenfield Road, Farnham GU9 8TJ.


March 2016

This edition of O Gauge News may arrive in your letter box just in time for you to come to our Open Day on the May Day Bank Holiday Monday (2nd May) at our club rooms, Wrecclesham Community Centre, Greenfield Road, Farnham GU9 8TJ.  Opening times 10.00 am to 4.00 pm. Admission is £1 and you are very welcome to bring your own stock to give it a run on the 2-rail fine scale test track..Thereafter the next outing for ‘Weydon Road’ will be to Railex on 28th and 29th May at Stoke Mandeville, near Aylesbury.

Work continues of the new layout, ‘Haydon Square E.1’. Having built the control panels, the CBUS control mechanism for the Hoffman point motors is the current focus of attention. This system requires the circuitry to ‘learn’ the actions required when a switch is thrown. Either it is a slow learner, or we are; a betting man would put money on the latter. Buildings continue to be worked on and Ian George has created the station platform buildings and finished them beautifully in appropriate colours. He sets a high standard for the rest of us to work to.

This quarter I thought I would also bring news of the projects on which a sample of club members are working. Let me start with Robin Baker one of our older and more prolific modellers. He has recently completed a Scorpio GWR King (King Henry VII – the one with streamlined cab for added degree of difficulty) and is now working on Drewry Railcar (from a Gateneal kit) which is nearly ready for painting and a GWR Collett Kitchen Diner (Heywood kit). The output of expletives is nearly as impressive as the output of work! Pete Smith has built the basics in brass of ‘Haydon Square’s’ elevated signal box but is also working on a much modified Ian Kirk kit for a GWR Siphon G and the Way-Oh bogies for a GWR Brake Third.

Ron Patterson, as well as leading the charge on ‘Haydon Square’, has been building a DJB kit for the West Country Pacific Lynton in original form which is now nearing completion. He also kindly took on for me the building of a Dorset Kits model of the Welshpool and Llanfair Beyer Peacock 0-6-0T. Being narrow gauge, it brings new challenges for him. This will join my own recent W&L-focussed efforts of adapting Slimrails kits for timber bolsters, building three brake vans in styrene and modifying Dorset Kits sheep wagons.

This is just what four of us are up to in our 10-strong 7mm scale section. Why not come along and see what we do, either at our Open Day or any Wednesday afternoon/evening at our Greenfield Road club rooms (see address above). You may be sure of a warm welcome.


December 2015

It is quiet, too quiet, on the Surrey/Hampshire border. As this is written, an eerie hush has fallen on the Farnham club as thoughts turn to Christmas with the promise of food, drink and talking with people who do not understand how to use a back-to-back gauge. No more hammering, drilling or cursing as a member picks up the wrong end of a soldering iron; no more cries of desperation as the N gauge group add yet more wires to their DCC layout; no more swearing or grunting as the aged members of the 0 Gauge group struggle to lift ‘Weydon Road’ or ‘Haydon Square’ out of the depths of the dungeon where the layouts are kept.

It isn’t always like this. We have been very busy. Since the last report the new layout, ‘Haydon Square’, has been fitted with a CBUS turnout control system, the uncoupling magnets positioned, control panels planned and more and more buildings bought in for a trial fitting before returning for further fettling. Week by week progress is being made and before long we hope to be actually running trains in the way we intended!

Weydon Road has been out a couple of times. We attended the expanded Christchurch show where we saw why an Exhibition Manager’s job can be so hard; we also became involuntary experts on Didcot ‘A’ power station.

The Isle of Wight show was a different experience, book-ended by ferry crossings for which dire warnings of sea sickness proved unfounded. While the Island may be described by some as the ‘land that time forgot’, the night life as witnessed from our hotel in the centre of Newport was thoroughly modern. However, the show was enjoyable, held in an excellent leisure centre with quite a few visitors being holiday makers seeking shelter from poor weather who were astonished by the modelling on show. As a bonus, absolution of our sins was offered by the ordained operators of one of the layouts, but politely declined.

The layout’s final outing of the year was the club’s general open day when layouts from 3 of the 4 scale groups where on show as a follow up to the club’s annual exhibition. We took this as an excuse to run some of our stock not normally seen on a layout representing a GWR station with SR running powers. Amongst the unusual visitors were a Patriot, a J20 and a J68, while a visitor brought along a magnificent model of the Drummond LSWR single-wheeler inspection saloon. Chesapeake & Ohio GP7s were disqualified as they wouldn’t fit through the tunnels.

2016 promises to bring more work on Haydon Square and maybe its first ‘real’ outing. It is some way ahead, but Weydon Road will next be on show at our traditional May Bank Holiday Monday 0 Gauge Open Day at our club rooms, Wrecclesham Community Centre, Greenfield Road, Farnham GU9 8TJ.  Opening times 10.00 am to 4.00 pm. Admission is £1 and you are very welcome to bring your own stock to give it a run on the 2-rail finescale test track. Refreshments in the form of bacon rolls, home made cakes and biscuits will be available at prices that will make you rub your eyes in disbelief.