F – Trackside/scenic feature (any scale)

WINNER Peter Lawrence Entry 2 – End of the yard

A diorama modelling the end of a goods yard in 7mm scale. Wagons are plastic kits from Slaters and Parkside; the shunter’s hut is a laser cut kit from Intentio; and the horse and cart is Langley Miniature Models. Scenic materials from Peco, Woodland Scenics and others.

Entry 6 – Great Western Scots Pine Tree

Was at a loose end during lockdown so thought I would have a go at one of those Scots pine trees the Great Western used at the stations on their early 20th century cut-off lines. Piece of dowel, bit of whittling,  some electrical cable for the branches, tease out a few pieces of theatrical hair, Woodland Scenics dark foam granules and then all ready for anything between a Saint and a Hymek to come by (if not a class 68 indeed).


Entry 7 – Tetbury Goods Shed

Tetbury Goods Shed from Timbertracks Kit.


Entry 8 – goods crane

Scratchbuilt goods crane for Tetbury goods shed model .Built using M7 Driving wheel , scrap frets and various tube wire and chain .


Entry 9 – Engine shed

Model of Tetbury engine shed built using Timbertracks kit .

Entry 12 – Motorised Dapol Windmill

This is a Dapol/Kistmaster kit I’ve built that I’ve modified to be motorised so the fan blades of it spin. This has been done using a TOOGOO 6v motor with a built in gearbox. The interior of the windmill has had some 12v LED lights fitted. The building has been hand painted using a variety of paints from Railmatch and Humbrol.

Entry 13 – signal box

Peco kit.

Entry 16 -Noble arrival at Newbury

Having arrived by special train at the newly rebuilt Newbury station, the Earl and Countess and party are departing for a weekend at the nearby Highclere Castle. Station buildings scratch built by myself, vehicles and figures from Langley models built and painted by myself. His lordship admires his new Benz. Dowager Countess insists on her old carriage.

Entry 19 – Radio controlled lorry (N Gauge)

Working N Gauge lorry. Body is Base Toys, Faller steering mechanism and wheels, motor and gearbox Micro Antriebe, Plantraco Actuator for steering, Deltang receiver and transmitter,  other electrical components form Micon RC, chassis scratch build from plasticard and nickel silver.

Entry 20 – Model of a Pub (N Gauge)

Built from a Scalescenes ‘download’ kit.


Entry 22 – Half Relief N Buildings

A selection of N Gauge half relief buildings.  The row of 3 terraced houses is a modified Metcalfe kit.  The stonework has been overlaid with brick paper from Smart Models, the roof tiles are self adhesive strips from York Laser and the chimneys are from Smart Models.

The row of 2 houses and a shop are Petite Models laser cut kits overlaid as above.  Wm Defty was the name of a shop near my childhood home where I spent my pocket money on sweets! The single 3 storey house is scratch built using art board as the base and again overlaid as above.