Weydon Road (O)

Weydon Road is the club O gauge exhibition layout. It was started in 2003 and is now as near to completion as any layout ever is.

The setting for Weydon Road is a fictitious location somewhere on the border of the GWR and SR around Wiltshire. It is a busy through junction featuring a double track main line, branch line, goods yard and relief lines.

The livery of most of the stock on the layout fixes the timescale as late 1930s. However, we can also run the layout in a late 1950s guise if that is desired by exhibition managers.

The layout is run to a sequence of 53 moves from the fiddle yards at each end of the layout. As part of the design brief we felt it was important to have an intensive sequence and variety of trains. This illustrates the kinds of traffic to be found on a main line route and the way in which it was worked before the rationalisation of the 1960s started.
Trains are driven from one end to the other with station and goods yard stops as defined in the sequence.
Once half of the sequence is completed the fiddle yard turntables (8 feet long) are rotated to allow the trains to be ready for the second half.

To allow exhibition viewers to follow the sequence, three display boards are placed along the front of the layout listing all the movements (some in parallel) and showing which one is happening next. This seems to very popular and generates a lot of comments and questions. The displays link in to the system employed ‘behind the scenes’ to keep the trains flowing. The more knowledgeable can also follow what is happening by looking at the working semaphore signals which authentically control each movement.

The layout has many planning and design advantages.

To make Weydon Road easy to transport, the boards are light and each can be carried by 2 people. They are complete with support legs, backscene, and end rail protectors so nothing can be left back at the clubroom (we hope).
The complete layout has similar interlocks to the prototype. Setting the correct signals and points connects the controllers to the right track. Trains cannot run if an incorrect signal or point is set.

This may seem complicated, but the sequence cards give the instructions to the signalman. Even the inexperienced can run the trains correctly. In fact, it is usually the experienced operators who get it wrong.

We have attempted to produce a layout that allows a broad spread of rolling stock and a high standard of modelling to generate interest from anyone willing to get involved. It has twice appeared in the Railway Modeller, firstly in October 2005 issue and then as Railway of the Month in the October 2011 issue. It has also appeared in BR guise in Hornby Magazine in April 2013.

At the large and well-known exhibition at Stafford in early 2015, we were delighted to receive the award for ‘Best in Show’. Our grateful thanks to the organisers of this fine show.

weydonroad2 (1711 x 1140)

The operating team receiving the ‘Best in Show’ award at the 2015 Stafford Railway Circle Annual Exhibition from Colin Hill, Exhibition Manager. [Photo: Courtesy Stafford Railway Circle]

We have running days for ‘0’ Gauge on the first Wednesday of every month at the club rooms with either Weydon Road or the Test Track set up. Our next exhibition outing is at the O Gauge Guild show at Telford in September 2017.

Recent O Gauge Guild Reports

Information for exhibition managers

The layout has been successfully exhibited at a number of prestigious shows including, Nottingham, Telford, Bristol and Warley (NEC), where we have been the grateful recipients of compliments for the authenticity and intensity of operations.
Scale = 7mm Finescale
Area = GWR/ SR inter-war or British Railways in the late 1950s
Number of operators = 6
Layout Size = 48′ x 2′ 6″
Tables = 2 required for stock (exhibition to provide)
Total plan area = 52′ x 8′
Transport = 35 cwt Luton van + one car
Insurance =Layout £3000, Stock approx £30,000
Electrical = 1 x 13 A socket for layout and lights
PAT test = Tested annually

If you are an O gauge modeller interested in our group, or an Exhibition Manager interested in booking our layout please email us at

Pictures of Weydon Road – GWR/SR

A Hall prepares to depart on an express service

The builder’s yard is provided with a shuttle service provided by a small tank loco

A detail of one of the many scratch-built buildings on Weydon Road

Click for more photographs of Weydon Road in GWR/SR days.

Weydon Road in BR Days

A Manor waits with a down stopping train

Click for more photographs of Weydon Road in BR days.