The club has a number of groups modelling in different scales: O Gauge (7mm scale, 32 mm gauge); OO (4mm scale, 16.5 gauge); P4 (4mm scale, 18.83 gauge); British N (1:148 scale, 9mm gauge) ; and a 009 group (4mm scale, 9mm gauge).

Most members are in just one group, but you can join several. Each group has an elected leader who attends committee meetings and reports on what the group is doing.

If a group wants to build a new layout this has to be agreed by the committee, who will allocate space for storage and agree a budget for the next year’s work. At the start of each club year (November) budgets for the following year are agreed with each group – typically a new layout takes several years to build not counting time planning it. The club funds the cost of building layouts, but not stock to run on them which all belongs to club members.

Groups are responsible for organizing bookings to attend exhibitions with their layouts: agreeing dates, booking transport and accommodation (the cost of which is paid for by the exhibition), and making sure enough operators are available on those dates to run the layout (members of other groups often help out when needed).