OO Gauge Group

The OO Group, as its name suggests, models  OO Gauge 4mm to foot scale on 16.5mm gauge track.

The members interests are mainly BR and Big Four steam with some green diesels. Modern image and North American are also represented – even Hornby Live Steam. Although most Group members stock operates as DC, DCC also makes an appearance.

On the  fourth Wednesday of each month the Group erects either its Exhibition layout   Hazelbury Junction (see separate section) or the Group’s test track. The test track is a 16 feet by12 feet oval and has five 16,5mm gauge tracks. One of  the tracks is dual gauge with 16.5mm and 12mm gauges so allowing TT gauge stock to be run. Also one track has wiring to suit Hornby Live Steam. Any of the tracks can be run with DC or DCC. The test track is now some fifteen years old and Group thinking is turning to planning a replacement.

On other Club nights members are putting finishing touches to our Hazelbury layout or bring their own modelling projects to work on. Within the Group there are a range of talents to provide advice and help to other Group members. Help is also available from members of other Club Groups. Members are also involved in building the “charity layout” which is to be raffled at the Club’s Annual Exhibition later in 2024 in aid of a local charity.

New members are most welcome to join us to run their trains or do their own modelling.

The Charity Layout

As mentioned above the OO Group are building a layout to be raffled at our Exhibition in the Autumn. Work has now started on the layout.

The accompanying photo shows the underside of the baseboard which is nearing completion. The base board is approximately five feet by three feet with the idea that it could be stored under a single bed. The baseboard top is formed from Ravatherm, a rigid foam insulation board, while the supporting framework is a sandwich construction formed from thin plywood with a rigid insulation foam core. This means that the baseboard is very light but is still rigid. The supporting framework is glued  to the top with No-Nails adhesive.

Charity Layout Baseboard